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An Active Sporting and Social Calendar

Under the Club’s motto “Learn to Play and Play to Learn”, Foshan Golf Club organizes a host of both Golf and Social events,which are popular with the Club’s Members and their Guests. These include intra-Club tournaments such as Best Ball, Couples, Father & Son, Legend together with Junior and Senior competitions. In time the Foshan Golf Club will aim to attract Professional and Pro-am tournaments where Members can meet and play with Pros from Asia and around the world.
The Annual Club Tournament will be the highlight of the Golf and Social Calendar, filled with many awards, honors and fabulous prizes.
Foshan Golf Club was created under the concept of improving the Quality of Life for its Members. In keeping with this concept, the Club will offer a variety of social activities that will include educational seminars, health seminars, music and art lessons, luncheon speaker forums, groups outings, wine tastings, cooking classes, community fundraisers and the creation of Clubs-within-a-Club, whereby Members can share and promote their hobbies with fellow Members.

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