Member Life

Improve Your Quality of Life.

Good Reasons to Join


  • A selective high-class membership comprised of compatible, like-minded Individuals, invited by current Members only.
    Security, Safety and Privacy are assured.
  • Associate usage in selected exclusive private Golf Clubs in Asia and worldwide, with booking service.
  • Members pay no Green Fees, and all other golfing related fees including Food and Beverage fees are discounted for Members. Guests that join Members for a round of Golf also enjoy discounted Green fees.
  • The bi-monthly Newsletter and interactive ‘Members Only’ website makes it easier for Members to plan events at the Club in good time.
  • Invitation to regular forums that allow insight into the latest community events and developments in economy, health and culture.
  • Improving the Quality of Life for you and your family not just in the area of Golf but in other areas such as health, education and community involvement.
  • Pursue your favorite hobby by participating in the many Clubs within a Club.
  • The financing of the Club is secure and over the years your membership will increase in value.
  • Personal service gives you the certainty that you and your wishes are known to the Club and are met. The experienced management team and qualified staff are the guarantee for high standard and consistently high quality.
  • The ability to become a Founding, Charter or Legend Member and assist in shaping the future of the Club.
  • The Advisory Board determines the basic direction of all Club activities as well as the formation of Members Committees. A qualified management team who engages itself in the interest of the Members and feels responsible for the primary philosophy of the Foshan Golf Club supports its works.
  • Joining a Club that pledges to ensure that Golf Traditions are preserved and promotes and preserves golf's fine traditions and etiquette.
  • The ability to further develop your game of Golf either as a beginner or as a low handicap player by using the Club’s Driving Range and its excellent qualified teaching professionals.
  • A Club membership that one cannot just simply buy into but only recognizes and allows those Individuals who value a high quality Lifestyle to join.
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