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Become a Legend at Foshan Golf Club

When the people of China talk about Foshan, they often talk about the art of Kung Fu and the Legendary Masters of this marshal art that inhabited the beautiful forests of Foshan. The tales of these Kung Fu Masters became legendary; as did the masters of the past such as the Legendary master Wong Feihung and the well-known Bruce Lee.
Today, in this same spirit, the Foshan Golf Club is created to provide the setting for Legends to be made.
Legend Golfers of today, the likes of Palmer, Nicklaus, and Mr. Lu are not just great players of the game, but are players that inspire the spirit of the game of golf; its tradition, its etiquette, its sense of fair play and honor, and its passion for creating friendships.
The Foshan Golf Club, like all the Legendary Clubs such as St Andrews, Augusta National or Pebble Beach, is not just about the clubhouse or the physical facility, or even the beauty of its course, but Legendary Clubs become Legendary because of the great amateur and professional players that graced their courses over time.
When the Foshan Golf Club opens its doors in 2012, every Member and visiting player will have the opportunity to become a Legend of the Foshan Golf Club. They will be individuals that understand and represent the spirit of the game and understand the traditions of the Club. Players, who, by the mere mention of their names, will inspire others to desire membership so as to join the camaraderie of honorable golfers. With time they will be remembered as individuals who created the Legend of the Foshan Golf Club. Their stories will be about how they upheld the rules and the etiquette of the game - how they taught the younger players and others to respect the game - and how they honorably won some of the Club’s tournaments and passed on not only their trophies with pride, but also the stories of their accomplishments.
In years to come, the Club halls will be filled with the stories and memories of the Legends of the Foshan Golf Club. Not every Member or player can be a Legend, but Foshan Golf Club with its Legendary location invites those who dream of honor in Golf to grace its roster of Members by accepting its invitation to membership today.

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